Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The use of the website and the information distributed in relation to the website is provided to you in lieu of your acceptance of our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other agreements and notices that are provided in the website.

Your usage of the website or any content that is presented herein indicates that you agree to and acknowledge the information. If you have any deviations from what is mentioned, you may not access it.

The company and the website has all the right, at its discretion, to add, remove or modify any of the terms or conditions of these Terms and Conditions without being liable to you or notifying you. Any changes that are made will have immediate effect once they are posted on the website. You agree to review the terms from time to time, and even agree that any of their subsequent usage by you of the website following changes to the terms and conditions shall indicate your acceptance of all the changes.

Use of the Website

In order to use the website, you should be at least 18 years or older to be registered as a member or submit any information through the website.

The company authorizes you to access and view a single copy of the content that is available here, expressly for your use.

Code of Conduct

The website can be used only for legal purposes in terms of an information directory for house and pet sitting. Specifically, the company prohibits any use of the website, and all members agree not to use the website for any other purpose than what has been stipulated by the company. This includes the following clauses:

  • The storage of data, files, or information related to alcohol, pornography, weapons, gambling or software or intellectual property piracy.
  • Use of any routine, software or device to interrupt or try to interrupt the functioning of the website or any activity that is conducted here.
  • Taking of any kind of action that interferes with the infrastructure of the website.
  • You shall not disclose your password with a third party or use it for any unauthorized purposes whatsoever.
  • Using or trying to use any tool, engine or software, including robots, spiders, intelligent agents or avatars, to search or navigate the website other than through the commonly accepted search engine is against the policy.
  • Copying or duplicating website information.
  • Linking or framing any content of the website.
  • Denying services on behalf of this website.
  • Collecting passwords or sensitive details to violate the rights of others.
  • Engaging in data acquisition or screen scraping.
  • Copying the website code, HTML etc.
  • Tampering with the intellectual property of the website.
  • Commercially using the website in an unauthorized way.
  • Using the contact details of members in a way that does not support the website's purposes.

Security Rules

Users are prohibited from violating or trying to violate the security that is paramount to the website. This includes accessing data that is not intended for the user or logging in to a server account which is not permitted to the user, attempting to breach the website security without authorization, attempting to spam or crash the website or forging a TCP/IP packet header. Violation of network security might lead to legal consequences.

Use of the Website

Your use of the website is at your risk. The site has been provided on an “as needed” or “as is” basis. The company reserves the exclusive right of restricting or terminating your access to the website or any of its features thereof at any given time without notice.

User Details

You are responsible for the data or information that you upload to the website, including but not restricted to your biography, property details, photos, videos and references. You guarantee that this information is complete, true and accurate, and agree to hold the authorities of the website irresponsible for any claims that might arise out of the information you submit to the website.

You grant Perfect House Sitters the right to distribute and publish the content posted by you without compensation. The copyright and ownership are your responsibility. You might not use, modify, duplicate or reproduce the content that has been posted by others in any way without their express consent. Perfect House Sitters is not party to granting the permission and is not interested in any relationship, contractual or otherwise, between those who use this service.

Once you submit information, you will be asked to provide the website with a few details including a valid email id. Other than the terms enlisted in the privacy policy of the website, you agree and understand that the website may reveal to third parties anonymously some of the details included in your registration application. We will not disclose to any third party your address, name or telephone number without prior consent except to the extent appropriate or necessary. We reserve the right to offer third party products and services that you have identified in your registration or at any time after that.

We do not accept responsibility for members who have voluntarily included their residential address or surname while depicting the house sitting opportunities. You are aware of and agree that the listings provided here is public and can be seen by anyone viewing this website and that the website is indexed by the search engines.

Website Information

The information included in this website is for informative purposes only, pertaining to a house sitting information database. Perfect House Sitters does not guarantee or warranty that the members will be hired as house sitters or that home owners will be provided with the services of one. We do not guarantee that the information is complete, satisfactory, and beneficial or that you will be able to find reliable opportunities.

Membership Fees Refund and Returns

The Perfect House Sitters membership fees are nonrefundable once the payment has been processed. We are not entitled any refund of payments for chargeable features or services.