Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of protecting the privacy of those who visit our website. The privacy policy explains how your personal information which is acquired through the website is handled. Perfect House Sitters not only provides good quality services, but also excellent protection of your confidential information, in tune with the global privacy policies and practices.

Perfect House Sitters reserves the right to edit the privacy policy at any given point of time, without your notice, with the new policies in effect while publishing. Our policy should be read along with the other terms and conditions that are applicable to the website.

We do not represent any third party websites which might be linked to this website.

Personal Information

The information about house sitters can be collected in various ways.

  • Private contact information allows us to manage your account effectively and deliver services to the member. This includes full name, contact details and email address.
  • Profile information is public. It is provided by the member to find a sitter or a house.

We DO NOT Collect

  • Your credit card details, as there is a secure payment gateway in place for that. No credit card information is received or stored.
  • The personal information collected here is under the terms of this policy.

Use of Information

The personal details submitted at Perfect House Sitters are only used to suffice the purpose for which it is collected or for purposes that are related to the primary purpose unless we reveal any other uses of this Privacy Policy.

The correspondences that are sent from the website may contain your personal details and are archived for maintaining our records or for backup purposes.

The copies of all messages are stored primarily for the benefit of our members and secondarily for backup and archiving purposes.

Perfect House Sitters may, at intervals, invite members to make contributions to the website. The method of use of this content is articulated clearly at the time, but the well being and privacy of the member is of utmost importance. We do not provide or sell any of our members' information.


Other than where you have agreed or where disclosure is required to attain the purpose of the submission of the information, it might be disclosed in specific situations where we have reason to understand that doing it is required to justify, contact or take legal action against anyone who is trying to malign, injure or interfere with our users, property or anyone else who can experience harm through such activity.

Perfect House Sitters ensures security, privacy and integrity of all the information which is submitted or collected through the website. We constantly review and upgrade our security measures according to the current technological standards.

Access to Information

Perfect House Sitters takes the relevant steps to secure any private information and to ensure that this information is accurate and updated. If you think that this information is inaccurate, you can get in touch with us to get the correction done.

The first contact between the home owner and the sitter is made through internal messaging, eliminating the need to transfer contact information. All members have the right to withhold or disclose information at any time.

The information in your member profile is publicly available and indexable by the search engines. Members can control the amount of information they want to publish. Maps are meant to indicate the regional direction instead of the street address.

The contractors and our employees who offer services related to our information systems are obliged to maintain the confidential nature of the information held by us.

Links to Other Websites

Perfect House Sitters can provide links to third party websites which are beyond our control. We do not accept the responsibility for the conduct of the websites that arte linked to ours. Before you disclose your personal information, we would advise you to study our terms and conditions, and the privacy policy.

Issues and Queries

When Perfect House Sitters becomes aware of any problems or concerns with the website, we address them seriously. In case you have a problem or issue, please get in touch with us.

Who Sees the Information?

Your information is kept private. Only those employed at this website will get to see your details. We understand that owners might like to be anonymous until they are interviewing the sitters. This is why your email addresses are completely hidden from public view. You can contact members with the help of an online form. However, we cannot maintain confidentiality if you disclose personal details such as your name, street address or email address.

Who Sees the Personal Information?

Only those who work for Perfect House Sitters will be able to see your personal details from our online database. However, a number of aspects can be viewed online by home owners who are members. Member details including their first and last names, phone numbers, country, and email address can be viewed online only when members create a sitter available listing or ad. This information is visible to anyone who is a member of the website. Member home addresses are never displayed online or given to third parties except when asked for by the police for public safety.

No Unsolicited Material Sent

Perfect House Sitters does not send members spam or any kind of junk mail. The website may occasionally send updates regarding its services. Members may receive automated emails for alerts or successful registration. Members may subscribe to a general mailing list that contains relevant information. They can unsubscribe from the list using the unsubscribe directions.

Safeguarding the Details of the Privacy Policy

Members need to observe a general protocol. This includes:

  • Always log out of the website at the end of a session
  • Memorize your password and keep it a secret.
  • Do not allow anyone else to log in using your account or trust them with your details.

You can access, delete or update your records by logging into the account area on the website using the customizable password and following relevant instructions.

In case of comments, queries or complaints, feel free to access the website for any kind of feedback.