House Owners Check List

House Owners Check List

Are you planning to leave your house to be looked after by a sitter? Then, it would be a great idea to create a checklist of the things you have to do before leaving. At perfect house sitters, we have provided you with one. Feel free to use it, or add anything according to your needs. Home owners can use this checklist to make sure that your house is ready for the sitter.

Assemble a Folder

Tell others that you will be away. Hotels and motels usually create a folder containing local phone and emergency numbers for the convenience of their guests. You could do the same too. This will allow the information to be at one place and easy to locate.

Service Providers

Inform your service providers (gardener, maid, etc.) that you will have a house sitter while you are holidaying.

House Sitting Contract and Contact Details

If there is a sitter and a written agreement, leave a copy of the folder. Leave your house sitters a valid phone number and email address so that they can get n touch with you or leave a message.

In case there is an alternative contact person available within the vicinity, a neighbor, friend or relative, who can deal with questions in your absence, approach them. Leave their contact numbers in your folder, and give them a set of spare keys.

Visitors' Policy

These could be a few rules laid down by your landlord or local body, of which the perfect house sitting staff should be aware. These could even be rules you might want the sitter to observe, such as keeping down the noise, no overnight guests, not using one or two rooms, not using the bar, your china etc. put down everything together in your visitors' policy in the contract.


Get in touch with your insurance company to let them know you will be away from home for a while. This detail should not affect your home and contents premium.

Store your breakables

Keep your breakables (including lass, china, or anything that you value like your photographs, trophies, sculptures etc.) in a separate area like your attic or a locked cupboard.

Clean the house and yard

Make sure that your house and lawn are clean in preparation of the sitter's arrival. Remember that they have agreed to maintain your house in the condition they first encountered it.

Perishable Foods

If you want you can clean your refrigerator of perishable foods, although the sitter might be happy to have them otherwise.

Prepare Your Animals

Prepare your pets for your departure, pet proof the house and inform your sitter of the things to take care of while dealing with your pets.

Lock Parts of Your House

If your house is too big for your sitter’s needs, you might want to shut down parts of it, like all except a single bedroom or bathroom so that they stay intact upon arrival.


While you are not there, your vehicles (cars, bicycles, boat, SUV etc.) might fall into disuse. Ask the sitter to clean and maintain them. Familiarize your sitter with your vehicle before leaving. Include their name in the insurance policy, so that they are responsible for any damages or costs incurred. You may also ask the sitter to take care of vehicle maintenance such as starting the car once a week, cleaning it or more.

Sundry Services

Your sitter should know everything about the usual services of your house such as the day when rubbish is collected. Leave a lot of rubbish bags of the correct strength and size. Is there a specific day when recycling is collected? Inform the sitter about what can or cannot be recycled. You can suspend or cancel magazine, DVD rental, cable television, and internet access or newspaper subscriptions.

Set up a redirection order for your mails, although house sitters are meant for this. Cancel or suspend your home deliveries including organic veggies or dairy products. Suspend or cancel visits by the regular lawn mower, gardener or cleaner.

Sitters' Needs

Your sitter might require important information to take care of your house. Leave a set of spare keys and a spare set. Provide details regarding regular day care facilities and fun places to be for younger sitters. Provide tourist information such as areas of interest, internet parlor, DVD rental, supermarket etc. provide ample storage space at home for keeping the sitters' belongings.

Tell them about the parking that is allowed and where they should keep their vehicles. Arrange a parking permit for them to use. Also help them with local driving information.


Make sure that your sitter knows about the utilities. For your gas and electric, air conditioning and heating, laundry appliances and water supply and drainage, leave clear instructions. Take meter readings and ensure that your sitter's share of the bills is worked out upon return.

Grounds Maintenance

Prepare a list of what you will like or not like your sitter to add when you are not there. Have your chemicals and pool equipment and attach instructions for the sitter to use. Your garden tools should be accessible. Leave the duplicate shed keys with your sitter. For looking after your lawn and indoor plants, make sure that you leave supplies for your indoor plants and even attach instructions, if required. Your lawnmower should also be in good condition. Leave sufficient bird seed to top up your bird feeders.

Security Systems

Your security systems should go uninterrupted when you are absent. Make arrangements with the security company for your alarm systems so that your house stays protected. Security systems are often noisy, so make sure to tell your sitter how things should be managed. Ensure that there are keys of your security doors and window locks with your house sitter.

The list above is a sample checklist. You may add items according to your requirements to make way for the perfect house sitting experience. With a few preparations, you can make sure that your holiday is a pleasant one.