There are various kinds of people who perform house sitting jobs including retired people, singles, professionals artists etc. there cannot be a single stereotypical sitter. Most of them are well educated, responsible and caring. There can be a variety of reasons why people house sit. Some may be people looking for temporary accommodation as they are moving from one place to the next. Most sitters have the benefit of living free without rent in their mind, while others enjoy a change of scene.

What should you expect of the sitter?

The responsibility of the house sitter is to live and care for the house including home security, performing cleaning duties, lawn and garden maintenance, pet care, forwarding email and phone messages, odd jobs or any other thing mutually agreed upon.

There are far too many aspects to ensure that anyone will get the job. Some of them include choice and flexibility of location, date, duration, and whether the owner likes the sitter’s profile. If you are flexible in choosing your location, it will be a brownie point in your selection. With a good reference and police clearance, you can seal the deal. Remember that every homeowner is unique and it is they who will choose the sitter.

House owners do not generally prefer free ads and will scroll the sitter's profile to choose them directly. So, do not be disheartened in case there are a few house sitting ads in your area. Check the house owner adverts regularly to find any sitting positions in your neighborhood.

Yes, but if the party comprises some kind of a pet, you should realize that you are lowering your chances of acquiring the house sitting opportunity. Many house owners do not prefer another pet around the house, but if they are, you should be their first preference.

Yes. Some owners do not want kids around their house for some reason, but others prefer them especially if there are pets requiring special care.

Sitting positions can vary for any period, from a day to 3 years or more. Usually, the length of a typical house sitting opportunity varies between a week and 4 months, but some are even longer, from 6 to 12 months.

If you want a career out of pet and house sitting, word of mouth is your best way to market your services. If you take up a couple of sitting jobs that are preferred by the homeowner, you can expect a call the next time they are away. Or you may get referred to their friends and families. Hence, if you get the chance to house sit in a neighborhood, have the entire city in mind, and add to that years of free accommodation.

There is always a starting point. Most owners are in favor of first time sitters as they focus on other qualities on their profile. After all, just because someone has prior experience in house sitting does not mean you cannot do a better job than them.

Yes, it is always best to have a proper house sitting contract in place. It allows both parties to clearly state their expectations and then sign on it. Perfect House Sitters offers an agreement that can be altered according to your needs.

The idea is that the job is negotiable between homeowners and sitters. The sitters take care of the house and pets in return of free accommodation. However, at times, the owner might offer to pay money. If the house is located in an inaccessible position or the length of the sitting was too brief, or there were a number of pets and odd jobs to take care of, the owner might pay the sitter something or at least cover the sitter’s utility charges. Everything is negotiable between the owner and the sitter. You should be in a position to work something out that suits both parties well.

This clause is also negotiable between the parties. In most instances, it is a straight swap with the sitter caring for the house and pets for free accommodation. If the house was located at an undesirable position, and the sit was a long one, or there were no pets and little tasks at hand, the owner can ask the sitter for something per week. Remember that everything s negotiable between the owner and the sitter. You should be able to work out things mutually.

Usually, the bills are on the house sitter. However, if the work is not that desirable, the homeowner can attract a sitter by covering all the costs incurred, except for phone calls.

Registration with the website is completely free for house owners. There are no charges. For the sitters, the amount is affordable $18. There are no hidden costs. Your house sitter profile is displayed through the year. Sitters can pay securely through their credit cards and paypal.

You should be able to receive your details through email minutes within registering. If you still haven’t got the email in an hour, even after checking in your junk, email us and we will resend you the details.

House owners can post free adverts on our website. Everyone can see the ads but only registered sitters can contact the owner directly through our instant messaging system. However, a number of homeowners do not prefer posting ads, but scroll through our database of sitters to get in touch with them.

We try to get back to you within 24 hours, but the time can go up to 48 hours on the basis of demand.