About Us

About Us

Perfect House Sitters provides a service which is easy to use. We are backed with consistent and friendly service that is also extremely effective, and works well for our members and clients.

The focus is on support and constant improvement. It has been quite some time now that we are helping people organize perfect house sitting; so there’s not much for us to know about house or pet sitting. We help members get in touch through a number of online tools. We have facilitated about tens of thousands of successful house sitting opportunities, bringing the goodness of home sitting to home owners, sitters and pets.

Practical and Genuine

We follow a mantra that is genuine and open-hearted and this is something that is reflected in the kind of members we attract. Our perfect house sitters international listings are free for you to browse with affordable registration fees, and fast and friendly that guarantee results that are good throughout.

Be a Part of Our Community

We provide much information on house sitters to help both parties negotiate a pleasant and mutually satisfying experience. To make things easier, we would advise you to go through our website so that the process is more organized and secure. We also offer information on house sitting, house owning, and more, to make your experience a smooth one.

To say the least, our members love us. Browse through our exclusive house sitting listings to see where we can take you. Get involved today; it's easier than you think.